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Stowlawn Flats

Memories of our meeting on

14th December 2002 Cont.

Stowlawn Flats

Here some more callers are looking at the display of photographs from the Wolverhampton Photographic Society People were coming and going throughout the day.  Here some more callers are looking at the display of photographs from the Wolverhampton Photographic Society which Gerald Hanrahan had set up.  Barbara Presland On the left is Barbara Presland, one of our committee members. And on the right is John Elwall, a generous contributor to the Club, who originated from Bradley but now travels down from his home near Ripon to attend our meetings. John Elwall,
Reg Aston and Eric Woolley On the left are Reg Aston and Eric Woolley, both Bilston historians.  

On the right is Elizabeth Briggs
Elizabeth Briggs (nee Yeomans) Elizabeth Briggs (nee Yeomans) had an old Express & Star photo of Prouds Lane which included her pushing her daughter in a pram.  That daughter, Jayne, is now an animal welfare officer and has the distinction of being the first lady Dog Warden in Wolverhampton.  Here they are holding the said photo. Elizabeth Briggs (nee Yeomans) and daughter Jayne
Among the memorabilia brought along was Marj Yeomans' snapshot of the pool at the Lunt.  It is believed to be the only photo in existence of this long since vanished feature.  You can just make out St. Martin's church in the background and the houses of Bickley Road on the left.  a booklet of Bilston Poets, Another remarkable item was a booklet of Bilston Poets, originally published as Bilston's contribution to the Festival of Britain in 1951.  Thanks to Olive Topliss for that. the pool at the Lunt Here is Mary Duggan, who happened to mention that she had once worked for Edges.  So naturally Trevor Genge started to take notes to add to his burgeoning history of the Edge shoe factory. Mary Duggan & Trevor Genge
Kath Kiely and Alma DarbyThroughout the day Kath Kiely and Alma Darby were busy with many things, not least organising an excellent raffle.  Our thanks to them and to everyone who provided the prizes. The Club funds are now a lot better off! Eric Priest, of the Residents' Association, Eric Priest, of the Residents' Association, gave a speech of welcome.  He had been hard at work all day - and before - and we appreciated his helpfulness and friendliness.  Here he is, on the right, as our Chairman, Alan Bickley, thanks him and the Association.
Gerald Hanrahan gave a delightful and amusing talk about the rather grim subject of Bilston during the war, showing that even in those troubled times boys would be boys.  Gerald Hanrahan gave a delightful and amusing talk Gerald seems to have fallen asleep - but no one else did during his lively talk.

After that Alma Darby entertained the now packed room with readings, in her best Black Country accent, of topical poems.  Both these contributions were much appreciated.

Gerald Hanrahan
  Gerald's own drawing, illustrating one of his youthful escapades, tobogganing in the snow, at night, on Bilston golf course, with enemy planes overhead. tobogganing in the snow,  

And before long we had to pack up and go out into the dark, the wet and the cold but remembering with gratitude the warmth of everyone at Hugh Gaitskell House.

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