Bilston and Bradley Potteries

Examples of Myatt Pottery 
in the Wolverhampton City Council's collection
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All the photographs on this page have been provided by courtesy of Wolverhampton City Council Arts and Museum Service and are their copyright.  They must not be downloaded or copied in any way.  The notes were written by Frank Sharman on the basis of work done by Francesca Cambridge.  Neither Ms Cambridge nor anyone at the city council is responsible for the contents of the notes.  All items are in earthenware. Remember that the colour rendering may not be accurate, not least because your graphics board and monitor may differ from mine!

Vase Vase in blue gray, with animal head handles.

Vase in the style of a claret jug, in orange brown glaze.


Small Vase Small vase in red glaze.

Ewer in dark blue glaze.  This piece may be influenced by Japanese models or possibly Christopher Dresser. An identical piece in the collection has a duck egg blue glaze.


Lidded Vase Lidded vase in olive green glaze.

Vase in reddish glaze with a band of decoration at the top of the neck.


Vase Vase identical to that above but with brown glaze.

Another vase of identical shape as the above but with a variant of the band of decoration at the neck.  Mottled blue glaze.


Bowl Bowl in mottled blue glaze with band of decoration at the shoulder.

Tobacco jar in dark brown glaze.  (The three armed metal lid closure is not present).

Tobacco Jar

Bowl Bowl in dark brown glaze, with narrow decorative band at the shoulder.

Small milk jug, in burnt orange glaze.

Small Jug

Vase Small vase in burnt orange glaze.  This appears to be identical to the dark blue glazed vase in the Reg Aston collection.

Large vase in pale blue with a narrow decorative band.  This piece is not marked but the glaze, body and the detail of the decorative band strongly suggest that it is by Myatt.

Large Vase

Small Vase Small vase, about 2 inches high, in a dark honey glaze.

Small vase, about 2 inches high, in an olive green glaze.

Small Vase

Candlesticks Pair of candlesticks in olive green glaze with bands of impressed decoration.

Jardiniere in honey glaze


Mark The inscribed mark on the base of the jardiniere above.

Large vase or cache pot with incised leaf and flower decoration, in homey glaze.

Cache Pot

Marked Impression The marked impressed on the item above.  The top line appears to read "Myatt"; across the middle is "Pottery"; and the bottom line reads "Bilston".
Bowl in blue glaze with band of impressed decoration at the shoulder.


Elephant Elephant with howdah in olive green glaze.  On this item the trunk is original but the tail is a replacement.  
Elephant with howdah in honey glaze.  On this item the tail is original but the trunk is a replacement.




Ewer, in dark olive green glaze, with heavily textured body and applied flowers and leaves.  Note that the handle has a piece broken off half way down, where, presumably, a third curlicule would have been.  
Vase in yellow-brown with birds' heads handles.


This ends the examples of Myatt pottery.  All further contributions are welcome!

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