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The Early History of Stowlawn by Frank Sharman
Part 10 Credits and Sources


There is a lot of writing about Bilston’s efforts at council house building after WW2. Much of it concentrates on the exhibition and Neurath’s Isotypes. But the story is also important in other and more general areas and points which writers have taken up include the planning process generally, housing estate design, housing policy, public participation in decision making and so on. There are many books and articles which make at least a passing reference to Bilston at this time but it is only those more specifically concentrating on Bilston that are listed here. I have also not even tried to list the contemporary publications and radio programmes which mentioned this estate. Nearly all of the articles listed below will provide a plethora of references to other material, including the original sources.

But thanks are also very much due to local residents who have provided information and helped out in other ways. They include (with apologies for inadvertent omissions): David Fitzgerald Plummer, Megan Fitzgerald Plummer, Tom Larkin, Arthur Bullock, Gerald Hanrahan.

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